Communication is a basic human need and a human right. It is essential to our sense of identity, autonomy, relationships, and academic and occupational success. Yet, the ability to communicate is often taken for granted except by those who struggle with it on a daily basis. At Nouvelle Voix, we strive to empower you with improved voice, speech, language, swallowing, social and cognitive-communication skills in order to help you ameliorate not only your sense of well-being but also your place in society.


We are experienced speech therapists dedicated to providing quality speech therapy services for adults and teens in the Montreal area. We understand the importance of early intervention and offer minimum wait times. We work in English, French, Italian, and Czech.

Our services include evaluation and intervention.

Intervention may be:

• One-on-one therapy
• Training of family members or care providers on communication techniques
• Referral to other relevant professionals and resources

Services are offered in person or via telepractice (internet, phone) on a case-by-case basis.

Areas of Expertise

Voice disorders

Tongue Thrust

Gender Affirmative Voice and Communication

Apraxia of Speech


Parkinson’s, voice, and speech

Oropharyngeal Dysphagia

Cognitive-communication disorders


Chronic Cough